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Apr 16

Written by: Thumbshots
Thursday, April 16, 2009

It looks like more and more sites are relying on web previews or Thumbshots on their site to help enhance site usability. and are just a few who rely on previews to enhance their user experiences. is a visual search engine that presents web search results in a unique, three-dimensional cube interface. It shows previews of up to ninety-six websites, videos and images. Their graphical display is impressive and fun to play with as you can drag or rotate the image. When you place your mouse of over one of the 96 images, you will see a bigger preview on the right with a short description below. relies on Google search results with Thumbshots. looks like the next-generation search engines. Not only that it uses Thumbshots to help improve on usability for their users, its search is packed with great features not found in any major search engines like Google or Yahoo. After performing a search query, the search results page will suggest related searches on the left column. In this example of a search for "car", It will suggest related keywords. It has a cool filter feature as well. Simply put your mouse over Edit found on the top of the left column, and Managedq will highlight on the preview results dates, time, numbers, dollars, URLs and emails. Nice touch! is probably the cutest search engine among the review here today. It displays the web Thumbshots in a semi-circle for easy viewing. As well with the mouse, you can easily rotate the results. The text descriptions appear in the middle of the circle. Personally, I find this setup a bit less intuitive. I can't help but to say their TV commercial is cute!


Another site that uses previews extensively is Though it's only an image search engine that scours sites like Ebay, Amazon, Flickr, Yahoo image search and Youtube. What's interesting here again is how useful Thumbnail previews are useful in a search engine. is another search engine that uses web previews or Thumbshots to enhance their search results. Check it out!

Overall, we are seeing alot of innovation using Thumbshots and other imaging technologies!

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