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Thumbshots Feedback

 The thumbnail idea is a good one, Michael Rogers  



Thumbshots let me know my new site got accepted to the ODP. This is so cool I just wonder why someone didn't do it a long time ago :), Aaron Wall - Seobook


by Saffron

Thank you for your wonderful speedy service, 

Thank you so much !!

by Avi from

Thank you! Thanks for your great service. I've tried many snapshot services and your's is heads and shoulders faster then any of your competitors. Your pricing is also very fair. 


The service you provide had boosted our users experience!

by Adonis Garcia of

Thumbshots is really cool! Thumbs up! :)

by of

We love your Thumbshots! :)

by Zum from

The best thumbnails service ! Keep it up guys!

by Eric D of

Very nice support from Stephen from Thumbshots, thanks ! Musicians should take a look at your web site :)

by Bob from

I really love the thumbnails!

by Dhafit from

This is really a great boost to my site by keeping my visitors longer. thanks

by Lee Miller

You Rock!!! The visitors to DO STAY LONGER with the Thumbshots!!!

by Daniel of Healthy Harvest Kitchen Gardens

Great idea!

by Lee Anderson

Easiest setup I have ever attempted with similar products.  A picture is worth a thousand words holds true here.

by Treadmill Reviews

It's fast, it's simple and it is the only thing we use.  I have tried many other similar products and none of them compare to the quality of Thumbshots. Thank you for offering such a great product! -

by Richard of

Keep up the good work! from

by Redy F of Abacus

Hi! Thanks a lot! I love the thumbnail service. Thanks to you guys I get a lot more traffic and people stay longer on my site. Keep up the good work!


by Suchmaschinenoptimierung

I am very impressed with Thumbshots web previews as well as the customer service that yu provides. It's a very usaful service for every searcher.

by Dave L of

Great use of thumbnail pictures in showing the websites I have assembled. A must for website directories!

by Kristianto of

I already use your thumbnail for months, and so far, it makes my directories looks good. Thank you very much for a nice and FREE services. keep it up! By

by David from

Thank you, great program. Using it on a couple of sites, here is one.

by Lee at

Your code is great and makes adding links to my site look much better. Just wanted to say, my site

uses your Thumbs!

by Ciem of

Good job guys, I love the site !

by Kevin from

A very useful service. Thanks!

by Richard at

We are using Thumbshots at Keep up the good work! Best wishes.

by Nicholas from

“GREAT SERVICE YOU GUYS! Site looks ten times better, pageviews are up, return users are up and we ‘re now creating custom advertising formats based on Thumbshots – so revenues are up too!”

by Shaun R. of

Hi, I am using a mixture of the free and paid (for premium, new, popular sites)...have just checked my alexa stats, they are climbing through the roof, will keep an eye on them the next few months and let you know about traffic growth.

by Emanuel of

Great thing Thumbshots. I use it to create a Blogroll page with thumbnails.

by Davor Dimeski of

Thanks for your thumbnail. It really rocks my page!

by Dan Sooty of

Great idea!!!!!!!

by Duccio of

Excellent idea!


Graphics and images bring another dimension to the music and quality of the artists featured in our radio showcase. Thumbshots has captured our site perfectly. Thanks!

by Jason Phipps of

It's great because I don't have to waste time getting screenshots of each site.

by Yusmana Windarto of

Great idea and very useful. Thanks!

by Matt Robins from

I love this. My users can see screenshots of where they are going before getting there. Thanks.

by Anna Migas

A very useful service. Thanks! from

by David Macdonald of

One of the best additions to my site ever!

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As a world class sportsbook, we pride ourselves on having excellent graphics on our corporate website.  Thanks, Thumbshots, for a great product and excellent customer service!

by Tom of

Great service, thanks

by Ben gutton

A very good idea which leads to a better traffic on my website -


Hello Thumbshot-Team,

We just love your service.Keep on working this great project. Our voiceover service here in europe is really enhanced by your work. Thanks. -

by Gary

We have been using Thumbshots for our directory for a good time now and it has made the site come alive with the services provided by you. Not only has it enhanced visual appeal, it has also increased traffic to our site.

Many thanks for this wonderful service! - OwnHost.In

by Tim Olthof

Thanks for helping us to continue to use your great product -

by NWP Links Directory

Good job guys, I love the site - NWP Links Directory

by Lyle Shaw

Hi, Love your idea and would love to be on your site(s). -

by Deb Weltsch

I love the site and demonstrate it often (whenever I teach about search engines).

by Antonios Voulvoulis Owner of Greek SEO Friendly Directory

I am very impressed with thumbshots as well as the customer service that thumbshots provides. I find it very easy to use for my directory Greek SEO Friendly Directory! - Greek SEO Friendly Directory

by Kasper Damsgaard

Having thumbshots on our link directory distinguishes our site from the competition. We've also added the thumshots attribution to our site, and beeing a directory where we manually approve every site, it is saving us hours in sorting out spam sites. -

by Hans from

Hello guys, your website is awesome. This is one of the best thumbnail services online. I really enjoy it. Thanks for it!!!

by Armin Hierstetter - CEO of

Hi Thumbshot-Team,

we added thumbshots a while ago to enhance the profiles of our 1,200 + voice talents on We just love it -
and it was so easy to install. Keep up the great work, guys!

by Vance Morton

Thumbshots works its butt off for our site featuring data on TFT LCD andother electronic displays. We're not really focused on images, so the Thumbshots adds a much needed graphic boost. Thank you so much.  

by Alex Warezniy

Thumbshots is very cool and useful service. Thank you!

by Mark

The best of the lot… I found service the best..its cost effective, great post sales services (within 24 hrs) and great new coding quality of thumbnails…I am content with thumbshots and i will stick to it no matter what goes off and in :)

Forum Posting

by Brian Simons

Great service, thanks!

by Jeff

Hello we are using Thumbshots on our site and think it is great. Wish knew about it earlier . Sightseefree - Online directory

by Charlie J

Awesome. Really good product.  Thank you. -

by David

Love your thumb service,

by Robert Mandrake

I really love the thumbnails. Lasik Blog

by Rasim Kilic

Very good service. Thank you

by Cathryn Peters

I love the thumbnails and use them on the Cane & Basket Supplies page of, so my viewers will recognize the logos and website headers of the businesses I feature on this advertising page. Thank you Thumbshots, great product! - The Wicker Woman

by Craig Still

I am not a coder of any sort(getting there), but I have added thumbshots to my page and it has turned a boring page into a fancy age.

by Marco Torino

Your service is greatly appreciated also here in Italy -

by Oscar Maldonado

the services is wonderfull

by Roberto C.

Thank you! Wonderful idea!

by Marcio Mello

The service is great! Rgds, Thumbshots service was really great. Now is perfect!Thank you! 

by Florin Mihai

Thank you! Wonderful idea!

by Jeff

thanks - great idea!

by Rei

Thumbshots absolutely the best, I love it!

by Mike Kelly

I love to see where I am going when I click on a link. And thumbshots does just that, making it  one of the greatest enhancements to a text link to date. Showcases your websites feel that can always come across with text and links alone.

by TalktomyCPA

I was so excited to have and actually see my thumbshots and now here it is I got one.

by Daniel Schulman

These thumbnails are kind of addictive. I've added them to another one of my sites.

by Bjørn Børresen

I love how easy it was for me to add thumbshots support to phpODP! And my users love the new feature as well :)  phpODP

by Will Board

An simple but extremely effective idea. Why the heck don't more search engines give you the option of viewing site previews? I think it would certainly effect clickthrough rates for certain sites. - Webmaster Toolkit

by Dr. Maurice Chriqui

I'm a french doctor and have created Global Booster Santé a directory of the 2000 most populars health web sites. My directory pages show thumbshots next to the site description giving the user a better idea of what the health site looks like and a quick way, by clicking the image, to go to the choosen site. It tooks me a few minutes to include thumbshots in my link template and I started seeing them while I was testing in my local computer! Great. Very easy for those who are using templates.Global Booster Sante

by Mike Dippel

I found out about your site yesterday and I am busily adding your code to 8 of my directories. Great stuff!CareerSeeker

by Anonymous

You can tell exactly what sites you have already visited and makes it easier to find them again.

by Pete

I love your service! So much easier to see what site looks like before you go to it. Keep up the good work and thanks again for the service! - FobMS

by Anonymous

Pictures speak a thousand words and this does just that.

by Anders, Netherlands

As a webdesigner, from time to time I surf around the net for inspiration. 9 out of 10 sites are crap and a waste of time, but you won't know that until you've been there. Now, with your thumbshots directory, I can disregard 80% of those sites just by looking at the thumbnail. It saves me hours!

by Conor O'Connor

We implemented thumbshots on a new domain within a few minutes and by the end of the same day I already had emails from visitors commenting what a great additional feature it was!

by Aaron Wall of SEOBook

It was cool to log into SearchGuild and see my site pic. It was even cooler when I switched to a new site and Thumbshots let me know my new site got accepted to the ODP. This is so cool I just wonder why someone didn't do it a long time ago :) - SEOBook

by Ron Rathe

Thanks for the excellent service you folks provide. I receive regular compliments on our use of Thumbshots - Avidlistener

by Michael Rogers - general manager of

The thumbnail idea is a good one -

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