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New Post 11/11/2011 10:29 AM
  Kathy Wolfe
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Thumbnails not showing? 
Links Directory

I purchased this links directory for my forum and it has thumbshots included. Problem is when you add a url the thumbshot is only getting the actual site not going to where the actual url is linked to. Meaning if I add my online store to the link and it is mystore dot ebay dot com it is going to the home page of Ebay, not my store. Also I have had a link showing Image coming soon for days now. What is the problem with this? I have one very unhappy member because of this. I even went to the Update Thumbshots and paid to get the site indexed and still no thumbshot. Any help would certainly be appreciated. Thanks!
New Post 11/11/2011 11:35 AM
  Justin Lim
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Re: Thumbnails not showing? 
Hi Kathy.

If you have purchased the Premium Plan, you should be using the code for the Premium plan. Your site is currently using the Free code which only shows the top level URLs. To get to the premium code, log into  and go to My Account > Thumbshots Images > Manage Plan

For support with the Premium plan, please open a Support Ticket as you get expedited replies. For more info on the different plans, please visit Forum Administrator
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  Thumbshots Forum  Discussions  Questions  Thumbnails not showing?
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