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Dear user, if you are using our Free Thumbshots service with the code below, please note that this code has been replaced with a new one. To better our offering, please get the new code for your Free Thumbshots here.

What do I need to do?

Step 1: Please click here to sign up a Free Thumbshots plan. Click on Get This button to sign up for a Free plan.

Step 2: Next, go to My Account > Thumbshots Images > Manage Plan  to get your new code

Why are we changing the old Thumbshots code?
Thumbshots was one of the first and leading thumbnail providers. The old code was in use since our beginning. Times have changed and to have a better control of our service, we require existing users to use a new code.

With the new code, our users will be able to easily switch from the Free to the Premium plans without having to switch codes.

How is this better for me?
With the old code, we were not able to better control our service and usage. As a result, this causes abuse and degradation in our service. With the new system, everybody should be experiencing a better service and less down time.

Get Free Thumbshots Code

Step 1. Get Code

Paste this code in your page. Replace [LINK] tag with any URL. By placing the Thumbshots code, you agree to the license.

*** This code is removed *** 

Step 2. Activate Code

Activate Thumbshots by placing this attribution on all pages that use Thumbshots. The attribution is simple discreet text link and can be placed at the footer of your page. If attribution is missing, the Thumbshots may stop working. Once suspended, it may take over 30 days before our bots revisit your site.

<a href="" target="_blank" title="Thumbnails Screenshots by Thumbshots">Thumbnail Screenshots by Thumbshots</a>

Don't want attribution? Try our Premium service from $4.99. Compare the differences between paid and free Thumbshots. 

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